Cellar & Folly Whiskey Company

Cellar & Folly was started to bring close friends together. A small “whiskey and cheese” night in a basement back in 2017 slowly grew into the passion project that it is today. With the growth of the business, the growth of our whiskey community also grew.  With a global pandemic still an issue for small businesses, we are trying to figure out a way to not only make whiskey for you. But to make whiskey WITH you! That’s what we’re all about! Trying to build a community of people who love to sit around, tell stories, and sip on the water of life! Take a look our tiers, from the $5 to the $35 tier, we plan to keep you all informed as to whats going on inside our shop, the town of Auburn, NY, and what’s going on in our lives! Thank you so much for checking us out.  Cheers,  Colin, Caleb, and Nick.

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