“What a great first year as members of the Cayuga Chamber of Commerce. We expanded our market presence to Cayuga Co. officially with a change to our governing charter, and our first stop in mid 2017 was to join the chamber. Amy and her team were extremely helpful in letting us know not only all of the benefits to joining the group, but also how to maximize our membership. We have enjoyed every event we attended throughout our inaugural year and have appreciated the welcoming spirit of this organization. Can’t wait to continue to build on this relationship.”

“The Cayuga County Chamber of Commerce creates opportunities in the community to build strong partnerships and utilize goods and services within Cayuga County.”

"The Faatz-Crofut Home for the Elderly is a proud member of the Cayuga County Chamber of Commerce. We appreciate the support provided by the Chamber. The Chamber is a great platform to meet other members as well as build partnerships with other businesses. We are so grateful and honored for all the many benefits of being a Chamber member."

“The Chamber helps us in achieving success through an endless network of products and services that everyone can benefit from. Aside from the people you meet, the Chamber offers such an array of services that any type of business can take advantage of to cut costs and help your bottom line!”

"As a member of the Cayuga County Chamber of Commerce, we have enjoyed and benefited from the fantastic networking events and have made lasting connections with businesses and individuals in Cayuga County. We have also taken advantage of the educational classes offered by the Chamber which were extremely helpful in building our Social Media presence. The Chamber Newsletters keep us informed and connected while also offering exposure for new and old businesses alike. The Chamber is constantly thinking of new ways to drive business in our community, and the addition of Restaurant Week is a perfect example. We’re fortunate to have such an active and engaging Chamber in Cayuga County, and we feel fortunate to be a member."

"I am the third generation owner of King’s Auto Supply. My grandfather started it in 1943, then my dad until he passed. It’s always been a place you could count on for parts and great service. We are just continuing on with that same business philosophy. Customer service makes the difference, and continuing on with that, we opened a second location in Union Springs. Both locations focus on customer service. Both locations make brake lines, transmission lines, fuel lines etc. Both locations make battery cables and hydraulic hoses. The Auburn location has Lesonal paint by Sikkens and the Union Spring store has trailer, RV and marine parts. The two stores will work together to get parts for whatever your machine is. I started for my dad when I was 13-years-old and scared to death, but over the years I really began to enjoy helping people and will continue to do so for a long time."

“Mozaic is a proud partner and supporter of the Cayuga County Chamber of Commerce. The chamber allows our agency to stay in tune on everything happening within the county. They allow us to grow relationships with other agencies throughout Cayuga County. With their support, we know we have a long future serving our mission within the county.”

"COAST Physical Therapy is a proud member of the Cayuga County Chamber of Commerce. We have been members for many years, and we always appreciate the support provided by the Chamber as well as from fellow Chamber members. We also appreciate the opportunities provided by the Chamber for local businesses to network and grow."

“We have used the Chamber’s Member-toMember contacts. We have found service providers locally and also opened doors to new customers based on our Chamber contacts.”

“The Chamber provides services that assist the community in developing business strategies and models which help to make Auburn and Cayuga County a great place to live and work.”

There are several reasons that Tompkins Trust Company joined the Chamber when we opened 13 years ago in Cayuga County. We were the new kid on the block and wanted to make connections with the people and businesses in the area. For us our memberships continued to grow with the Chamber over the years and we are now a Diamond Member of the Chamber. We continue to feel the strength of belonging to the Chamber and the networking opportunities are invaluable to our organization.

"Unity House is proud to be a long-time member of the Cayuga County Chamber of Commerce. Our partnership fosters connections throughout the region, helps us promote our services, and educates the public about the good work the agency does for individuals with disabilities and mental illness. We are always grateful for the community’s support of our mission, and so pleased for being selected as the Chamber’s Member of the Month! Thank you!"