man with binocularsPart of the Cayuga County Chamber of Commerce mission is to advocate for the business community. Unlike political activism or party affiliation that seek to influence how public policy is governed, advocacy efforts such as those by the Cayuga County Chamber of Commerce strive to influence the public policy itself, but not to govern it.

The Chamber’s advocacy efforts give a voice to the Cayuga County business community, assist in developing better policy that supports growth and job creation, ensure accountability to our community’s residents and business owners, and empower our membership and the community to mobilize in order to participate in the democratic process. Such support and advocacy are vital to the continued growth of all aspects of our community. Membership in the Chamber is equally vital to its ability to continue advocating for all who benefit from our county’s economic well-being.

To undertake these efforts, the Chamber assumes four roles in addressing issues: educator, influencer, connector, and champion. As educator, the Chamber presents the pros and cons of particular issues to encourage dialogue and participation. As influencer, the Chamber actively supports certain issues and pushes for action through public comment, communication with the business community, and communication with the media. As connector, the Chamber may not be actively involved with issues but provides connections to the organizations that can provide assistance. As champion, the Chamber takes a leadership role on certain issues, providing resources and staff time to ensure that a particular outcome is achieved.

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