Mercy Flight Central

Mercy Flight Central (MFC) was founded as a nonprofit in 1992 to provide air medical services to residents of New York State and beyond. Since inception, the organization has served more than 15,000 patients and has grown to approximately 70 employees. The company’s three base locations serve the regions of the Finger Lakes, Central New York, and Mohawk Valley, including service to the Lower Adirondacks.

Mercy Flight Central provides the highest level of pre-hospital critical care to patients. Each helicopter is equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment that includes transport ventilators, video larangoscopy and point-of-care ultrasound. Our flight nurses and flight paramedic teams are highly trained and are experienced in critical care patient management and advanced medical pharmacopeia. Air medical teams care for critically ill and injured patients requiring advanced treatment and rapid air transport to specialized medical centers across the northeast. Medical control physicians are on call for medical direction at a moment’s notice.

Together, these elements allow Mercy Flight Central to deliver a high level of critical care transport to the scene of an accident or a patient’s bedside. The aircraft utilized in transports includes helicopters that can travel within a 150-mile radius of Mercy Flight Central’s base locations

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