Reindeer Games – Mixed Doubles Round Robin

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Santa’s reindeer invite you to play in a mixed doubles round robin tennis event on Sunday, December 19th, 2021. Join us for two hours of fun, social match play at Champions for Life in Auburn, NY!
This is a one-day adult mixed doubles social event. Play a range of styles of players. Create a team, join a team your partner already created, or sign up by yourself and the event director will match you with another awesome player.
Enjoy friendly, competitive play and gain match play experience. Space is limited to 12 players. The cost is $20 per club member (or $30/guest). If you are a guest, register and pay the $20 online now. You will pay the additional $10 guest fee upon your arrival to play.
Match Play Format:
Play a mini-set to 4 and rotate for four rounds.
5-point tiebreaker at 3-All (first to 5).
No Ad-Scoring
Trophies for winners & finalists
Santa’s reindeer have additional prizes for teams winning individual short-set matches!
More details:
Play one mini-set of 4 games, then rotate and play again! If your match is tied at 3-all, play a 5 point tiebreaker. There is no-ad scoring, which will keep play moving along quickly.
With only 12 players, there’s very little waiting around to play. Once all of the teams complete their mini sets, we’ll start the next rotation within that time block. Play involves normal game scoring, without ads, up to a set score of 4. If the two teams are tied at 2-2, play continues until one of the teams gets up to 4. If the score is 3-3, the players play a 5 point tiebreak (final score being 4-3). There will be 4 mini-sets played in each 2-hr block for maximum tennis action!
Round 4: During the final round, opponents will be assigned based on number of games lost. For example, the two teams who have lost the least games will play against each other.
Winners: The team who has lost the least number of games will be crowned the Reindeer Games winners! If there is a tie, the team who lost the least games and won the most games is determined to be the winner. If a tie still remains, one of Santa’s reindeer will determine the winner by choosing the team who accumulated the most game wins in the fewest number of match rounds.
One can of balls will be provided per court. If you wish to have your own tennis balls, you may provide them or purchase them at the front desk for $5/can.
Champions for Life
Auburn, NY 13021 United States + Google Map

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