TOTAL Wellness Program

The TOTAL Wellness Program from Safe Harbor Health is a Wellness Integrated Medical Plan Expense Reimbursement that works in conjunction with any health insurance coverage to improve healthcare outcomes by providing better lifestyle management tools, preventive healthcare and chronic disease management services.* All while simultaneously reducing taxes and healthcare expenses for both the Employer & Employees!

Employers can save hundreds of dollars per year per participant in FICA taxes, and on average employees get approximately $1,800 in extra benefits without ever changing their take-home pay!

This program can be implemented quickly, compliantly, and without interrupting any existing benefits programs.  It works in conjunction with your current employee benefits and can help to improve participation, recruitment, and retention.

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Member benefits include:

  • FREE telemedicine and nurseline
  • FREE mental health counseling
  • Chronic disease management
  • Sync fitness tracker
  • Discount RX program
  • Affordable healthcare locator
  • Medical equipment discounts
  • Specialty RX program
  • Editable health risk assessments
  • and much more!
*The TOTAL Wellness Program from Safe Harbor Health IS NOT HEALTH INSURANCE. It is a Section 105 Preventive Wellness SIMERP that was built to comply with all applicable ERISA, HIPAA & IRS Codes & Regulations including IRC’s: 105(b), 105.11, 106(a), 213(d) & 104(a)(3).


Chamber Members, contact Shawn Daly directly if you have any questions about this program:

Shawn Daly, Insurance Agent
950 Danby Rd.  Suite 102
Ithaca, NY  14850