Recruiting Diverse Talent

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Many organizations are asking what they can do to respond to bias, discrimination, and workplace inequities in the current moment. Recent social and racial justice movements have challenged organizations to look within to build more diverse, inclusive workplaces and ultimately, more equitable communities.

This series is intended to educate, guide, and inspire participants to learn how to embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion as fundamental values – and how to reflect them in the operations of their organizations. Separate registration for each session. Discounts available if you register for all three sessions (use promo codes as directed).

May 20, 2021


Second in three-part series, Recruiting Diverse Talent introduces to effective measures for increasing the diversity of job applicant pools. Participants will explore various aspects of talent recruitment–the way job ads are written, the places they are advertised, job application forms, and how traditional methods can deter diverse applicants from applying. They will learn about barriers that commonly reduce the diversity of applicants and what organizations can do to minimize them. Data-informed leading practices that increase the diversity of applicant pools will be presented.




About the Presenter: Paula Ioanide

As a white, Romanian-American woman and mother with one foot rooted in community and the other in academia, Paula protects and defends the former with the latter; embodying a soul-stirring paradigm shift towards empathy, equity, and action. Paula is an associate professor of comparative race and ethnicity studies at the Center for the Study of Culture, Race, and Ethnicity at Ithaca College. Her research focuses on the role of public feelings and implicit bias in perpetuating systemic racism and sexism. She earned her PhD in History of Consciousness from UC Santa Cruz. She has spent her career working with a thought-leading global community toward racial and gender equity.

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