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The Rev Theatre Company Presents:

Whodunnit: The Case of the Cheesy Caper! A live, immersive, interactive theatre experience for kids and families.

Prominent members of various cheese families from the town of Mozzarellaville have made their fortunes making and exporting cheese. When an outsider arrives on the island with a recipe for lactose-free cheese, the cheese-heirs are set into a panic. Their whole lives– and livelihoods hang in the balance! The outsider must be stopped! They work together to hatch a plan to get the recipe off the island for good. But their plan goes awry when they are sucked into a vortex in the brie-muda triangle and shipwreck on the shores of Owasco lake. In the chaos, the recipe goes missing. There is a traitor amongst them! Who stole the recipe and why? If they can’t find it, how can they be assured that the recipe is actually destroyed for good! It is up to the audience to help gather clues to find out who the cheesy thief  is and bring them to justice!
Reservation times: 10:00 am, 1:00 pm, 3:00 pm. Only 20 participants per reservation time. Reservations by email only – whodunit@therevtheatre.com
Emerson Park
6877 E Lake Rd
Auburn, NY 13021 United States
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